Cut & Style

Haircut - From $130

Effortless chic with exacting attention to detail. Customized expert cut and styling, after a one-on-one consultation and a relaxing shampoo.

Blow-Dry - From $80

Perfectly executed styling, whether sleek and voluminous or soft beachy waves. Performed after a gentle shampoo and signature John Barrett blow-dry.

Updo - From $130

Customized styling for special occasions, performed after a gentle shampoo and a signature John Barrett blow-dry.

Extensions & Hair Pieces - By Consultation

Upon consultation. Customized extensions and hair pieces hand-crafted by a specialist based on the client’s needs, then seamlessly blended into the natural hair.

Blow-Dry & Styling (with Clip-In Extensions) - From $130

Any style of choice, enhanced by seamlessly attaching and blending the client’s own clip-in extensions with the natural hair.

Ponytail - From $55


One Process - From $145

Color expertly applied at the roots, effective in covering grey, lightening hair, or darkening hair—or transforming it completely.

One Process with Partial Highlights - From $190

Precisely executed face-framing highlights bring an added dimension to color applied at the roots.

Partial Highlights - From $215

Precision highlights applied at the crown, delivering a more subtle, natural look by using either foils or balayage technique.

Full Highlights - From $270

A two-step process. After an expert application of base color, hair is shampooed and blown-dry, then enlivened with highlights, using either foils or balayage technique.

Gloss - From $65

Imparts a subtle shining glow to hair, whether using sheer or barely-there pigment. (Not recommended for covering grey, lightening hair or making dramatic changes.)

Two Process - By Consultation

Color Correction - By Consultation


Hair Treatments

(custom gallery)

Mizani Relaxer - From $275

For coarsly textured hair, Mizani, Phyto and Arosci relaxers smooth and straighten the outer cuticle, preparing hair to be blown dry and styled. Touchups can be performed after six weeks.

Phyto Relaxer - From $275

Arosci Relaxer - From $275

Japanese Straightener - From $1000

Reconstructing the outer cuticle in wavy or frizzy hair leaves it permanently straightened, sleek and smoothed for six months.

Japanese Straightner - Touch up - From $700

A touch-up treatment to maintaining previously straightened hair, and executed no sooner than six months after the initial treatment.

Lasio® Keratin - From $550

De-frizzing treatment to smooth the outer cuticle, lending hair a vibrant, silky look for up to 3 months. (A prior consultation determines viability of this treatment.)

Noiraudepro Treatment - By Consultation

Powerfully restorative protein treatment, to repair and strengthen previously chemically damaged hair. Upon consultation. (Includes blow-dry.)

Linkage-Meu - By Concultation

Deep conditioning treatment, using protein and collagen to add strength, shine and softness to hair. Upon consultation. (Includes blow-dry.) 

Blog Styles

Blog Post Title - sets the font of the article title.

Blog Page Width - determine the width for the blog content area different from that of the page content width.

Blog Post Spacing - controls the amount of space between each blog post on the list view.

Hide Article Author - toggles the display of the article author with the date under the article title.


Product Styles

Product Background Color - sets the color behind the product image.

Product Overlay Color - sets the color of the overlay when product list titles are set to 'overlay.'

Products Per Row - determines the number of products shown per line on the product list.

Product List Titles - controls the position of the product title on the product list.

Product List Alignment - sets the text alignment of the product title on the product list.

Product Item Size - select an image ratio for the product photo on the product list. 

Product Image Auto Crop - determines whether product images fill the image area or fit within.

Product Gallery Size - select an image ratio for the product gallery on the product item page.

Product Gallery Auto Crop - determines whether product images fill the gallery area or fit within.

Show Product Price - shows the price on the product list page when enabled.

Show Product Item Nav - shows the 'back to shop' link on the product item page. 

Event Styles

 Event Time Format - toggle between 24 hour or AM/PM for event times.

Event Icons - enable icons on the address and event time display.

Event Thumbnails - show an image thumbnail in list view.

Event Thumbnail Size - controls the size (ratio width:height) of the event thumbnail image.

Event Date Label - enable date overlay on top of event thumbnail.

Event Date Label Time - include the time of the event with the date overlay.

Event Excerpts - show optional excerpt text of events on the list view when present.

Event List Date - show the full event date (day, month, year) of the event on the list view. 

Event List Time - show the time range (start time-end time) of the event on the list view.

Event List Address - show the event location address when present.

Event iCal/gCal Links - show links to add events to Apple or Google calendars.

Event Like and Share Buttons - show Squarespace simple like and share buttons on events.

Event Calendar Compact View - enable a simpler calendar view optimized for smal

Event List Compact View - enable a simple stacked view of events in the list view.

Event Calendar Compact View - enable a simpler calendar view optimized for smaller areas. 

In Depth Guide

Our Customer Care team has created a very useful guide on Using the Montauk Template if you'd like a more in-depth look.