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Legendary Stylist John Barrett, Known for his Eponymous Bergdorf Goodman Penthouse Salon, is Opening Six New Locations throughout the U.S.

Anyone who has visited the John Barrett Salon knows the experience is unforgettable. The salon’s location is just one of its high points, but it’s perhaps the most dramatic one: perched atop the legendary Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan, it offers pristine, picture-window vistas of Central Park’s lush greenery.

Now Barrett is expanding his view — and his domain — as he gets ready to expand into six new locations in the next three years, including a location on Bond Street in downtown New York and Palm Beach later this year, followed by other locations in Manhattan, Washington D.C., Dallas and Las Vegas.

The legendary hairstylist, salon owner, and beauty industry pioneer is known for his transformational work, his approachable-yet-sophisticated take on beauty and his “simply chic” style, all of which have made him an icon.  He has moved the genre forward with the creation of Barrett’s Braids Bar and the Ponytail Bar. Inviting an ever-widening audience to the salon for these and other custom services, as well as expanding into new locations, allows him more opportunity to lead the industry as the foremost innovator in technique, style, service and curated retail.

Since transforming the famous NYC store’s family penthouse apartment 17 years ago into one of the most sought-after beauty destinations in the world, Barrett has garnered a roster of top names in the entertainment, business, political and social spheres.

But reaching the pinnacle of the hair game in New York isn’t enough for Barrett … this perfectionist is setting his sights higher — and farther. “It’s time to add new cities and new faces to the circle of friends and clients I’ve been so fortunate to build up over the years,” he says. “Nothing excites me more than spreading the magic my talented staff and I have created at Bergdorf Goodman, far beyond Fifth Avenue.”

Barrett is committed to nurturing each new salon, ensuring all new locations embody the mix of his warm, personal touch and meticulous attention to detail that he is recognized for today. Each one will be helmed by protégés chosen and trained by him personally.

Check back shortly for specific details on new locations.